Report and Toolkit

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Final products from the project

Please click on the images below to access the GenderEYE End of Project Report and Toolkit.

The GenderEYE End of Project Report

The GenderEYE End of Project Report is a public document summarising the four key findings from the project, shared at the End of Project Conference on the 9th October 2020.

The GenderEYE Toolkit

The GenderEYE Toolkit is a resource for managers of early years settings/ organisations, and others who have an interest in developing more gender-diverse teams and supporting them to deliver more gender-sensitive practice. Based around the 4 key findings of the ESRC-funded GenderEYE study, the Toolkit offers themes and exercises to help you and your team audit and redesign your approach to gender.

If you are willing to promote and share the GenderEYE Toolkit on your website, please contact us.